Procurement may be defined as the overall act of obtaining goods and services from an external source. It considers alternative methods of achieving a project, each of which has a risk profile. For each procurement type there are appropriate standard form contracts and associated documentation.


Broadly speaking, three main types of procurement are commonly used:

• Traditional design-bid-build, where design is separated from construction.

• Design and Build, where the project is designed and constructed by the same organisation.

• Fee based management, such as management contracting and construction management, where design and construction can proceed in parallel.

The choice of procurement route is the one of the earliest decisions made by the Client and unsurprisingly, has a significant influence the commercial aspects of the project. Consequently, it is essential to understand the options and to choose the route which is most suitable for the Employer.

We are able to advise you about the merits of each and the suitability for your project. We can then assist you in selecting appropriate project team members and preparing the contract documentation appropriate to the chosen procurement route