Accurate cost information is fundamentally important to the successful delivery of a construction project. Rogerson Parry provide a comprehensive range of services in connection with the determination and control of construction costs.


We are able to provide indicative project costs from the very earliest stage when decisions are being made about what can be built for the budget. Our intention is to provide our client's with sound advice based on our extensive subject experience. We are also able to prepare development appraisals which evaluate development profitability, taking account of total project costs and likely sales income

We work with architects and designers to provide additional confidence during the design stage, ensuring that the design can be constructed within the agreed budget. As Chartered Surveyors, we have access to a wide range of cost information, some of which is produced by RICS and others gained from previous projects in practice.

For clients who take a long term view and treat the building as an asset, we can provide whole life costing services. This considers the whole cost of the asset through its life cycle, including construction, occupation and demolition or refurbishment.

As the project progresses, we monitor the cost and take steps to ensure that the project remains within the budget. On completion we agree the final account with the Contractor.